Couple Counselling may benefit you if:

hands%20holdingyou are having difficulty feeling close and connected,

you want to learn how to effectively support your partner,

your relationship feels shaky,

you are fighting or freezing each other out

before you even understand how you got there,

you are feeling lonely or frustrated

with your partner right beside you

your attempts to reach out and make it better have failed.

Working with couples, I practice EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), a profoundly healing, transformative, effective, methodical and clinically proven form of couple counselling. Both partners feel understood by me as we slow down the hurtful interactions that leave you feeling alone or angry and then the steps of EFT guide you back to connection. To learn more about EFT, I encourage you to visit the main website at

Couples’ session are 90 minutes long and are recommended every week  as the couple is learning new ways of seeing each other and relating which are sometimes difficult to access outside the therapy room at first.  EFT can often make a very big difference after 3-10 sessions.  Partners are encouraged to read  Hold Me Tight  by Dr. Sue Johnson which is a book to be read separately or in tandem with therapy.

Video or audiotaping sessions is a part of EFT therapy so that the therapist may study the session in preparation for the following one and/or share her work with a supervisor.  With couples’ permission, I do both things.  It is a practice which always enriches the therapy for those who are able to agree to it.

The fee for a 90 minute couple session is $175. Unfortunately, I do not have room for any new work until sometime in the autumn of 2021.  Please see below for info about a group couple therapy opportunity–free of charge.

If you are a couple looking for therapy, you may be good candidates to work with my supervisee, Pamela Gabriel-Ferland, through Native Montreal, under my clinical supervision.  This service is free of charge and can be short or longer term. Please write to me at if you want more information.

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