Due to growing responsibilities as a teacher and supervisor, I cannot respond to inquiries about finding a therapist. Please consult my links page for the names of therapists who may be accepting new clients at this time.  

For academic inquiries, I can be reached at  alison.carpenter@mcgill.ca

For clinical supervision inquiries, I can be reached at alisoncarpentertherapy@gmail.com

$140/60 mins.

$175/90 mins/couple session

I give receipts for psychotherapy

(many insurance providers recognize psychotherapy licenses)

I give global income tax receipts upon request


When first starting therapy, I generally recommend sessions once per week for at least two months.  This allows you to experience the full benefit of having regular support.  It can be difficult to work with someone once every two weeks (or less) when they actually need to be coming weekly.  This puts unhelpful pressure on the one session to do the work of two and may actually cause more harm than good.  Sometimes, people cannot afford weekly counselling in the long-term.  A thought to ponder:

good counselling can be truly transformative and it is worth considering budget changes for


There are certain situations where less frequent therapy is appropriate:

  • when a client is naturally coming out of a period of regular therapy
  • when a client seeks educational counselling/coaching and is very good at doing “homework” in between sessions
  • when a client needs short-term support through a difficult moment
  • when a client needs a letters of support for gender affirming surgeries and is not seeking therapy
  • when a client finds that a weekly schedule is too intense and needs more time to process between sessions

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